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Kids’ Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training

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“All of Bari’s kids yoga & movement CDS are SO much fun. Bari is OM Mazing! It will make you feel like the best teacher ever. So effortless. Everyone follows along so easily.”

-Shelly Arthur. Kids Yoga Teacher

“I can’t tell you how many of my classrooms use your music and activities now. As a trainer I serve so many teachers. Everyone loves it. Your yoga training changed my life”.
–Dolly Adcock. Harnett Partnership for Children, N.C.

“I absolutely loved your training I learned so much from it on a personal level as well as on a professional level. After the training I went back to school and did the ABC yoga with my class and we have done it every day since. My prek students love it all!!”
-Courtenay Muro, Preschool teacher, Roslyn, NY

Fall in love with teaching yoga and mindfulness to children and have the most fun that you can have learning yoga, guaranteed!

Bari Koral is a popular child/family recording artist and a globally recognized kids’ yoga educator. Her songs and activities for kids’ yoga are used by thousands of children and teachers every day.  In the Yogapalooza Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training you will work directly with Bari and learn a ton of great content and background in order to teach or build on teaching a safe, fun and inspiring kids yoga class. At the end of the training, you will receive a completion certificate for 30 hour Yogapalooza Kids Yoga Training. Those adding to their first 30 training hours will receive a 60 hour certificate. Take one or two trainings or work toward all three modules to earn a full 95-hour Yoga Alliance approved Kids Yoga Certification!

Note: Each Yogapalooza module contains all new content.

This training is for:

  • Kids Yoga Teachers
  • Nursery/Preschool teachers
  • Kindergarten teachers
  • Elementary school teachers
  • Yoga teachers looking to specialize in teaching kids
  • Parents
  • Childcare professionals OT/Etc
  • Anyone who wants to teach safe and fun yoga to kids!

Your training includes:

  • Full color kids’ yoga poster showing poses A-Z

  • Full color music and movement activity books

  • All songs from the training plus over 40 more songs for kids yoga, music and movement

  • Mindfulness Manual

The Yogapalooza Training will give you the practical tools you need to create smart, engaging, and inspirational classes or kids yoga content that your students will love. In addition to learning how to teach yoga and mindfulness to children, you will learn the secret to success. (Psst: it’s how to keep children engaged!) Bari will show you how to teach yoga to children who will look forward to it, practice it regularly, master it, and request activity after activity. You’ll love this training—and so will your students!

Why Yoga and Mindfulness?

According to recent studies, 54% of children will develop some kind of anxiety disorder—and the flip side of anxiety is depression. By introducing mindfulness and yoga to children at an early age, we can empower them with the tools that will support their well-being for the rest of their lives.

Here is what you will learn this weekend:

  • How to teach brand new engaging kids’ yoga and mindfulness content that will create magical discipline in the classroom
  • Information about kids’ development and anatomy, in order to teach a safe class
  • Background on the practice of yoga and how it relates to children and adults
  • Advanced background on mindfulness and the brain, including executive function and physiology
  • Class planning and themes
  • More ways to use yoga and mindfulness to support children with special needs and ADHD
  • Fifteen new mindfulness tools that bring instant calm and focus to children (and adults!) anytime, anywhere
  • How to create your own mindfulness moments, so you can personalize teaching to your classroom or your individual students
  • How to teach the most popular kids’ yoga poses
  • How to create yoga stories
  • Classroom management techniques
  • As we work, learn how yoga can relate to other teaching concepts in the classroom, like STEM, math, the natural world, and more
  • Aromatherapy 101 and how to use it with children
  • How to structure your class
  • The business of kids yoga: opening a studio, growing and marketing your classes
  • Your Own Relax and Be Happy Tool Box:
  • Your clear action plan for stepping out into the world after the weekend
  • How to become a super attractor for your goals
  • Fresh inspiration and powerful new tools to bring more peace and abundance into your own life

“I am such a huge huge fan now! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your energy, dedication, and creativity! The tips and ideas from your training really helped me think about creative and engaging ways to teach yoga to kids. I love all the breathing tips especially. Thank you!”

Marisa Raymond, MS MPH. Bordeaux, France

“Bari’s music has been such a blessing for my children’s yoga classes! Kids like music, but kids LOVE Bari’s music. In my classes, a Bari song is a surefire way to get all of the kids engaged in movement

– Checka Antifonari- Radiant Child Yoga

Testimonials from Bari’s Oct. 2018 Yogapalooza Teacher Training

“You’ve made it so easy and fun to teach yoga to children”

“This was an amazing training. The mindfulness and attitude gratitude were especially awesome. I consider this almost a life-altering experience.”

“I highly recommend this training. I left feeling I am able to succeed if I put my effort into doing anything. Thank you for everything. This was a wonderful experience”

“Bari is an incredible human being and I am so very lucky to have taken this great leap of faith to partake in this training. I will be at level 2 & 3!”

“I am grateful for now, my growth, my learning and the joy of giving and love. I am so grateful for this training and to be here”

“I really enjoyed this training and I can’t wait to start implementing what I have learned to my kids this week. I also believe it’s extraordinary helpful that Bari is teaching the songs she herself created, rather than learning from a 2nd hand source.”

“At first I didn’t think I wasn’t going to be good at teaching a yoga class but after practicing I realize it could be a calling and I’m not so bad. 🙂 Bari is an inspiration.”

“This was an amazing experience”

“This training is really good for teachers, educators, daycare owners etc. It really prepares you for the captive audience that you have.”

“Best training I have ever attended. We learned material that can be applied in both personal and professional life tomorrow. “

“I would absolutely recommend this training to others. I think yoga and mindfulness is unbelievably important today. Bari’s way of teaching and execution is incredible, thought-provoking and brings you into a new awareness. I feel so blessed and grateful to have been part of this training. Thank you.”

“Anyone interested in teaching children’s yoga, Bari’s training is ideal. Very down to early and so positive. Thank you thank you thank you. “

“I feel empowered to now begin to teach what I have learned. It’s 

“REALLY REALLY good for kids. I enjoyed myself and learned a lot, and happy to have made some new friends.”

“You rock Bari! Thank you so much for the opportunity. I’m feeling ready to take it all to my classroom and beyond. I love you “

Can’t Wait! 

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